Shockingly Close to the Truth!

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Author: James W. Moseley; Karl T. Pflock
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Hard Cover

This amusing, revealing, and entertaining romp through the confused and controversial history of the UFO craze is a must for believers and skeptics alike. Shockingly Close to the Truth! is the first and only comprehensive tell-all history of ufology from two men who have been at the center of this cultlike movement for close to half a century. James W. Moseley conveys the fun he has had over the years pursuing tall tales and purported evidence of visitors from outer space. As the creator of the newsletter Saucer Smear--the source on the follies, foibles, fads, and feuds of ufology--Moseley has the inside scoop on the amazing world of serious UFO sleuths and wigged-out "saucer fiends." His co-author, Karl T. Pflock, has been tracking reports of unidentified flying objects for close to half a century and has written the most thorough investigation of the Roswell incident ever done.

For Moseley it all began as a lark in 1953 when he drove across country and interviewed almost 100 UFO experts and eyewitnesses, including former president Harry S Truman. After all these years, his account of this journey is here published for the first time, a goldmine for anyone interested in modern social and "ufological" history. He also talks candidly about his encounters with and assessments of leading UFO personalities, including Budd Hopkins, George Adamski, J. Allen Hynek, and many others. In addition, he reveals the whole truth behind the infamous Straith letter hoax, the real origins of the Men in Black, and the true story of George Adamski's alleged 1952 encounter with
"a man from Venus." Along the way he recounts his incredible adventures as a grave robber of pre-Columbian artifacts in Peru (Move over Indiana Jones!), to which there is also a bizarre UFO connection.

Complementing the exuberant narrative are many original photos of famous persons and events from Moseley's private collection, plus facsimile reproductions of the Straith letter and the complete October 1957 special Adamski expose issue of Smear's predecessor, Saucer News.

A feast for UFO buffs this book will also interest students of popular culture, social trends, and the psychology of belief.

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