Sheet Music (10 Song Titles)

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Note: that the cover image does not reflect the condition of the sheet music.

Sheet Music condition ranges from Poor to Fair but considering the age of the sheet music they are quiet remarkable. We have also included detailed information that is noted on each cover. PIANO

The sheet music is in protective wrap to preserve current condition:

Please find below the following song titles: 

PUT ME AMONGST THE GIRLS - No.190 Words and Music by C.W Murphy and Dan Lipton. Sung by CHAS R.WHITTLE. Copyright London B.Feldman & Co. 2 & 3 Arthur Street New Oxford Street W.C (date MCMVII Melbourne 176 & 178 Collins Street).

JUANITA, A SONG OF SPAIN (new edition in a higher key) - Sung by HONBLE MRS NORTON With an ad libitum Chorus sung by Miss Poole. Copyright London Chappell & Co. 50 New Bond Street City branch 15 Poultry. 

THE VELETA - No. 33 - Reg No. 257,448 - New Round Dance by ARTHUR MORRIS (B.A.T.D) "Veleta"REG No. 275,811. Copyright Francis, Day & Hunter, 138 - 140, Charring Cross Road, W.C (date MDCCCC)

"IT'S A DIFFERENT GIRL AGAIN! (HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!) - No. 277 - Reg No. 257,748 Written by George Arthurs. Composed by Bennett Scott Sing by WHIT CUNLIFFE. Copyright London Francis, Day & Hunter 142, Charring Cross Road, Oxford Street End and 22 Denmark Street (just round the corner) dated MCMVI.

MY FATE AND THINE - No.1 in D - No. 2 Eb - No.3 in F - Song words by G.Clifton Bingham Music by Michael Watson. London Patey & Willis, 44 Great Marlborough Street, W.

MY INDIAN QUEEN - Written and Composed By Herbert Somerville - London: R. Maynard, 52, High Street, bloomsbury (a few doors down from Oxford Street & Tottenham Road)

"I WOULDN'T LEAVE MY LITTLE WOODEN-HUT FOR YOU!" - No.169 Reg No. 257,743 - Written and Composed by TOM MELLOR and CHAS COLLINS. London Francis, Day & Hunter 142 Charring Cross Road, Oxford Street End and 22 Denmark Street (just around the corner) dated MCMV

THE POWER MONKEY (an old salt's story) 21st Edition - Sung with the greatest success by Messrs Thurley Beale, Winn, Chaplin Henry, H.Horscroft, T.Distin, Bevan.H.Prenton, Egbert Roberts, Franklin Clive, Alfred Moore, James Budd, T.Lawler, J.Bell, R.De Lacy etc..etc..etc.. - No. 1 in F -No. 2 in G. Written and Composed by MICHAEL WATSON. London Patey & Willis, 39, GT Marlborough Street. W.

THE HONEYMOON - 100,000 copies have already been sold in America. popularized in America by Sousa's Famous Band (March). Composed by GEORGE ROSEY - Piano Solo Orchestral Brass and military band parts of Lafleur & Son. London Charles Sheard & Co. Music Publishers & printers, 192 High Holborn, W.C - J.W.Stern & Co. 45 East 20th Street, New York U.S.A

IT HAPPENED IN MONETREY - Melodius Waltz Song with Ukelele Accompaniment. ALLAN'S "Nu-Style"Multi-Part Edition including Solos or Duets for Saxophones (and other Eb, Bb & C Instruments) Trumpet, Violin, Tenor, Banjo, Hawaiian Guitar UKELELE. Words by BILLY ROSE Music by MABLE WAYNE. ALLAN's Music Publishers Melbourne.


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