Shakespeare, Not Stirred

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Author: Caroline Bicks / Michelle Ephraim
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Hard Cover

A gift book to savour. Let the Bard into your lounge and have him whip up some sharp cocktails and soothing snacks for the comedy or tragedy in your life. From 'Get Thee to a Winery- girls' night out' to 'Exit, Pursued by a Beer- drowning your sorrows', this stage-sensitive, merrily blended book brings a Shakespearean swirl to life's everyday highs and lows. Readers who downed Tequila Mockingbirdand felt the force of William Shakespeare's Star Warswill thrill to its intoxicating mix of literary nerdery and cheeky wordplay. Caroline Bicks and Michelle Ephraim are eminent English professors and eminent merry punsters. While poking a little fond fun at the man who gave them their careers, they dish up a delightful high-low mash of food, drink, and drama. Shakespeare, Not Stirredpops all the corks. Remember, with Falstaff- 'thin drink doth so over-cool their blood...... '

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