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Author: Beverly Swerling
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1754. In a peaceful glen in the Ohio Country, the firing of a musket ball signals the beginning of the infamous seven-year war that paved the way for the American Revolution. In Shadowbrook, a cast of unforgettable characters brings to life the bloody conflict between the French and the English that ignited the 18th century and sparked a nation's battle for independence. Characters like Quentin Hale, the fearless gentleman-turned-scout the Indians call 'Red Bear'; Cormac Shea, the part-Irish, part-Indian woodsman scarred in battle by his own kin, sworn to drive whate man from his land; and Nicole Crane, the beautiful young half-French woman whose struggle to reconcile her love for Hale with her vow to become a nun causes her to become a pawn in the quest for territory.
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