Servant of the Bones

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Author: Anne Rice
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Servant of the Bones, by the author of The Vampire Chronicles and Interview with the Vampire, is an epic history of the Jewish people, which explores the pogroms, the diaspora, the arcane mysteries of the Kabbalah, and the nature of good & evil.

In this electrifying new novel Anne Rice tells a story every bit as mesmeric as her vampire vampire tales, with a hero as seductive and ambivalent as the vampire Lesat. Azriel is a rebel ghost who holds in his memory the long and troubled history of Western civilisation.Born almost  2500 years ago in Babylon, of a wealthy Jewish family in exile, Azriel is forced to take the role of a God for three days, paying for his people's freedom with an eternity of half - death half - life. Caught forever between Heaven and Earth, his restless spirit can be called forth by whoever holds the casket of golden bones, and understands its arcane mystery. From the household of an ancient Greek philosopher to the deathbed of Alexander the Great, from the Mongolian steppes to a pogrom in fourteenth- century Strasbourg, where Jews were made scapegoats for the Black Death, Azriel bears witness. And finally in the present is summoned to witness and avenge a brutal murder on Fifth Avenue. The dead woman is Esther, step-daughter of Gregory Belkin, fanatical, messianic leader of a worldwide cult, the Temple of the Mind. Belkin, as the world knows, is the son of Holocaust victims, but he has a secret history which binds Azriel's fate to his. Angel or demons, lured by Belkin's magnetism and riches, yet swayed by instincts he has almost forgotten, Azriel is caught up in a dizzyingly malevolent plot which could destabilise the world.

Servant of the Bones is as rich and terrifying, as sensual and violent as any novel by Anne Rice - an enthralling epic which conjures up more than two thousand years of Jewish history and penetrates the unfolding mysteries of evil and redemption, life and death.     

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