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Author: Neil Taylor; John Simmons (Editor)
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Started in 1998 by two former Stanford University students working out of a garage in California, Google was recently ranked as the world's most loved brand. Against the odds, survived the dotcom crash, has become the search engine of choice for millions of companies and Internet users, and raised US1.67 billion from its public listing in 2004 - one of the most eagerly anticipated IPOs in modern business history.

What is it about Google that makes many of us love it when it is no more than a computer programme? The answer lies in the Google brand, which is somehow deeper, has more humour and has more self-awareness than many other brands can manage. The Google brand feels more authentic because it is more like a person than just a logo. In this book, Neil Taylor explores the surprising success of Google, the people behind it, and the crucial role which the Google brand has played.

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