School's Out Forever

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Author: James Patterson
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Hard Cover

The compelling second novel in James Patterson's exciting new series for teenagers.

It's 24 hours since Max Ride and her fellow bird-kids escaped the New York Institute, and they're still on the run. The six companions - 98% human, 2% bird - come away with vital information. If they can decode the garbled words and numbers, perhaps they'll find out where their parents are.

There's a lot of trouble ahead for Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel - not to mention Total, the talking dog. Their enemies, the fearsome Erasers, have acquired a new skill - they too can now fly. After an air-battle, the badly hurt Fang ends up in hospital. The FBI track down the flock; they even end up going to school! But that doesn't quite fit in with searching for parents, or with what the insistent Voice in Max's head keeps reminding her - that her mission is 'to save the world'.

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