Schindler's Ark

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Author: Thomas Keneally
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Hard Cover

Schindler`s Ark is a Booker Prize-winning novel published in 1982 by Australian Thomas Keneally, which was later adapted into the highly successful movie Schindler`s List directed by Steven Spielberg. The United States version of the book was called Schindler`s List from the beginning; it was later re-issued in Commonwealth countries under that name as well.Lusty, worldly Oskar Schindler was a most unlikely missionary. He had moved to Cracow in the wake of the Nazi occupation of Poland to profit from the rich pickings to be had by the bold and by the Aryan. A big man in every sense, with an appetite to match, for success, for women and for drink, Schindler, a Sudeten German, thrived....What began as an instinctive distaste for the bully and the pervert was to develop into an increasingly fervent campaign as the anti-Jewish measures of the Nazis escalated. Schindler succeeded in walking a tightrope between Nazi officials and Jewish contacts - a tightrope which involved him in playing cards for the life of a Jewish girl with the local concentration camp commandant, laying out a personal fortune in bribes, and eventually led him to the gates of Auschwitz to extract his chosen people from under the eyes of the infamous Mengele.

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