Saved by The Light

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Author: Dannion Brinkley with Paul Perry
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“Saved by the Light” details “what it is like to die” and what Love waits for us in heaven. He recounts his life as a bully and merciless fighter until age 25, when he was hit by lightning and had his first near-death experience. Dannion's injuries were so great that he was expected by doctors to die. Dannion returned from heaven a changed, compassionate man.   He was shown how to build relaxation center, shown future events, and developed psychic abilities. Working with Dr. Raymond Moody, a world-renowned expert on near-death experiences, Dannion later moved on to hospice work and working on building the required centers, despite his debilitating injuries, making it one of his life's missions to dispel people's fear of death and to spread the message of Love and hope. This book is a must-read for all. 

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