Savage Grace

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Author: Natalie Robins, Steven M. L. Aronson
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Hard Cover

'A son killing a mother is a Greek tragedy, but this is much worse - much much worse'Miwa Svinka-ZelinskiThe Baekeland family had everything: genius, wealth, and beauty. At the turn of the century Leo Baekeland made a fortune when he invented the plastic, Bakelite. His grandson, Brooks, married the flamboyant society hostess, Barbara Daly. Their son Antony was strikingly handsome and seemed a further sign of he gods' favour. But soon scandal broke, and it was followed by dark tragedy. On November 17th, 1972, Antony Baekeland stabbed his mother to death with a kitchen knife in her London flat.'...a story of spectacular decadence - of money, madness, and matricide. But it is also a story about a family unhappy in very much its own way, declining from genius to glamour to final dissolution. Seldom has there been so devastating an exposure of the consequences, for the most sophisticated people, of failure in the simplest duties of love'William F. Buckley Jr

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