Salvatore Calabrese's Virgin Cocktails

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Author: Salvatore Calabrese
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Hard Cover
What makes a cocktail a virgin? In practical terms, fresh fruits, ice, just-pressed juices, and an excellent recipe—such as the 125 fabulous ones found here. Each of these delicious drinks is untouched by alcohol, shaken to perfection, balanced in all flavors, garnished properly, and served in just the right glass. Some of the recipes have remained favorites over the decades, such as the innocent Shirley Temple (Club soda or 7-Up, Grenadine, and a maraschino cherry to top). Plus, there’s the weird sounding Prairie Oyster, the nonalcoholic hangover “cure”; a Virgin Mary (no vodka); Forest Fizz; and Ginger Alert. All feel like sin—but won’t go to your head. Perfect for those who don’t imbibe alcohol but love to indulge.
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