Salt River Times

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Author: William Mayne
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Hard Cover

The stories of Joe and Mal, Gwenda and Kev, Elissa and Morgan, the Chinese gardeners, and the citizens of Iramoo are all entwined with the Salt River that runs through their town.

' Or, time and the Salt River as they flow through an Australian town--restructured in a form that is old hat in adult literature but still uncommon, especially when so coolly executed, in children's fiction: flash forays into the separate consciousnesses of seemingly unrelated individuals gradually converge like jigsaw-puzzle pieces until an interrelated community comes into view. The separate flashes are more or less intense, here-and-now experiences: the only chapters that view their characters from the outside are two featuring a banal, bickering adult couple played for comic effect; the other chapters all feature children. ...'

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