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Author: Anne Deveson
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Anne Deveson's distinguished career with the media and social justice organisations grants her rare insight into spirited people who have faced suffering - ordeals of family breakdown, mental illness, human right abuse, disaster of war. What is it, she wonders, that enable individuals, or communities, to rise out of despair? In times like ours, of cascading change and uncertain values, understanding this is especially crucial for the futures of our children.

Anne's exploration into the nature of resilience weaves together research, memoir and reflection into a thought-provoking intellectual and personal story, salted with her gritty humour. It is a poignant irony that, during the writing of this book, Anne would become an intimate witness to struggles for resilience of someone she loved.

Like her classic book Tell Me I'm Here, this will be an inspiration to victim of life's ' slings and arrows', as well as to all who hope to help them.

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