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Author: Geoff Hocking; Julie Millowick (Photographer); Christopher Atkins (Photographer)
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Hard Cover
This beautiful hardback book celebrates 100 years since the outbreak of World War One by featuring stories behind 100 memorials to the fallen from across Australia. In a distinctively original and captivating way, this unique book shows how the terrible sacrifice of young Australians has reverberated across this country through time, and how the memories still resonate in so many different ways. Selected for their unique design, their grandeur or their simplicity, the one hundred memorials have been arranged alphabetically and represent the diversity of memorials to the Anzac spirit from each state and territory across the nation. 'In the "War to End all Wars"Australians paid an extraordinary price. A generation of Australians was never the same. The ricochets have continued since. While Australia itself was not attacked, it was certainly changed forever. 100 years on, the search for understanding and the connections of family, place, institutions and community grow stronger every year. "Remembrance"is a timely tribute which captures the breadth of Australia's commitment and the endless quest to honour those who served and establish contemporary connections.' - Ted Baillieu MLA
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