Reflections of a Vampire

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Author: Damion Kirk
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He is irresistibly sexy and might be a rock idol, celebrity model, or hot young movie star. But don't trust what you see or feel when around him. Gerard Arnaud St. Laurue is a thousand-year-old blood drinker. On the next full moon St. Laurue reluctantly must undergo what ancient nosferatu call "The Millennium Rest." His time, for once, is short. He decides to enlist a publisher to immortalize his unlife before going under, but even more importantly, he realizes he has less than a week to find minions to protect his temporary gravesite while he revitalizes under the dark silent earth.

St. Laurue finds two potential minions while roaming the shadowy underbelly world of modern Manhattan. One is Fury, a handsome sixteen-year-old boy who longs to belong. The other is a beautiful young woman named Elka, who reminds the vampire of a long lost love.

But can St Laurue turn them in time?

It's questionable, especially while continuing his long standing feud with his powerful and possessive vampiric father, the Marquis Antoine DeMalberet. Also, with NYPD Detective Solomon Wiese and undercover agents from the Daemonion Council hot on his trail, St Laurue has to employ all his powers to escape certain discovery.

When St Laurue's overly protective undead little sister, Brigitte, tries to come to his aid, more complications arise and involve them both in a series of progressively startling twists and turns resulting in a final delicious last page surprise.

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