Red Tide

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Author: G. M. Ford
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Something has been let loose in the city - an airborne horror that leaves a tunnel full of corpses below the streets of Seattle. As the city grinds to a halt, disgraced journalist Frank Corso finds himself evacuated from his friend Meg Dougherty's first photographic exhibition. Determined to find a way into the tunnel to discover what has happened, he unwittingly establishes himself as prime suspect in this deadly conspiracy. While Meg returns home to a terrifying scene of her own, Corso is hauled in by the police and quickly learns of one brutal death that could be linked to the impending destruction of thousands, perhaps millions, of innocent lives. And now he must elude the FBI and pursue the terrorists himself before an infinitely more devastating attack annihilates his city. 'Gathers momentum like a runaway monorail car. You simply can't get off until the ride is over'  

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