Real Estate Uncovered

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Author: Peter O'Malley; Neil Jenman (Foreword by)
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover
The real estate industry is masterful at creating and promoting its own message as news. Have you ever heard an agent tell a buyer it is not the right time to buy? Real Estate Uncovered is designed to help you cut through the hype in order to make an informed decision while avoiding hidden traps and dirty tricks. These brutal strategies and their unsavoury tactics will be laid bare in Real Estate Uncovered. 
What you once viewed as normal real estate practice before reading this book will be viewed in an entirely new light. The book exposes a system that over quotes to sellers, conditions them into expecting less and then crunches them on pricing, profits on needless advertising and eventually uses a sales process that undersells the paying client's major asset. 
Buyers are given low false price quotes to entice them to an auction that they are no chance of winning, spending thousands of dollars on property inspection reports in the process. Real Estate Uncovered also highlights in a much fairer and more effective way to buy or sell. The reader will know how to identify their trusted real estate advisor having read Real Estate Uncovered.
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