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This collection includes:

  • the Loop (bu Nicholas Evans)

Helen Ross is a 29-year-old biologist, sent into a hostile place to protect the wolves from those who seek to destroy them. She struggles for survival and for self-esteem, embarking on a love affair with the 18-year-old son of her most powerful opponent, brutal and charismatic rancher, Buck Calder.

  • the Kremlin Device (by Chris Ryan)

Geordie Sharp is asked to undertake an SAS operation so outrageous that his conscience will barely allow him to carry it out.

The ostensible aim of Operation NIMROD is to train a new Spetznaz unit to combat the threat of the Russian mafia, but Sharp's orders contain a sinister hidden agenda.

When two SAS men are lifted by Mafia agents, the British authorities' secret weapon is turned against London and only Geordie Sharp can save the day.

  • Somebody's baby (by Elaine Kagan)

In 1959, a gentile boy was off-limits to a young Jewish girl living in a well-to-do Kansas neighborhood. Especially a boy with tattoos, a drifter from California who had spent time in jail, who worked in a gas station, and who would fight a man for looking at him the wrong way. Jenny Jaffe knew the rules, but when she saw Will McDonald for the first time, everything she knew about right and wrong disappeared. What was left was a passionate, once-in-a-lifetime love that no social constraints could hold. Will and Jenny became inseparable, and by the end of Jenny's senior year in high school, she was pregnant. When they made a plan to run away, Jenny waited at the spot where Will was to pick her up, but he never showed.What follows is the story of true love that spans three decades -- between man and woman, parent and child. Jenny is forced to give up her baby for adoption, and when that child, Claudia, becomes a parent herself, she begins a search for her biological parents at the risk of destroying the love of the adoptive parents who have raised her. Claudia finds more than she imagined, as she uncovers years of lies and betrayal, sacrifice and silence, and the extraordinary love of Will and Jenny, whose faith and passion survive it all.

  • The Coffin Dancer (by Jeffery Deaver)

Detective Lincoln Rhyme, the foremost criminalist in the NYPD, is put on the trail of the Coffin Dancer, a cunning professional killer who has continually eluded the police. Rhymes —-a quadriplegic since a line-of-duty accident — must use his wits to track this brilliant killer who’s been hired to eliminate three witnesses in the last hours before their grand jury testimony. Rhyme works with his eyes and ears, New York City cop Amelia Sachs, to gather information from trace evidence at the crime scene to nail him, or at least to predict his next move and head him off.

So far, they have only one clue: the assassin has a tattoo on his arm of the Grim Reaper waltzing with a woman in front of a coffin.

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