Pleasure An Almanac for the Heart

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Author: Nikki Gemmell

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A celebration of women, friendship and all things fabulous in life... 'The Bride Stripped Bare' exposed female desire as no other book had: raw, intoxicating and breathtakingly libidinous. Now Pleasure looks set to do the same with more secret women's business - dealing candidly with everything from Brazilian waxes to 'secret' underwear, coping with broken hearts to what makes a perfect partner (a checklist to cut out and keep), advice on the friends who flatten you (frenemies) to the importance of empathy, workplace challenges to domestic bliss, birth to death - and all that lies between. Pleasure is a book Nikki Gemmell says she looked for as a present for a cherished friend - and never found. So she decided to write it herself. Bold and intimate and full of heart, it's an ideal gift for your best friend, aunt, sister or fairy godmother. Nikki Gemmell is the author of four acclaimed novels, including the international best-seller 'The Bride Stripped Bare'. She was born in Wollongong and now lives in London.

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