Paul's World Book II: Spellbinder

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Author: Mark Shirrefs
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The second of two thrilling fantasy adventures adapted from the 'Spellbinder' television series produced by Film Australia. 

In Spellbinder: Riana's World, Paul Reynolds finds himself stranded in a parallel world rules by the mysterious and terrifying Spellbinders. Paul is pursued for his superior scientific knowledge, but Riana, a courageous village girl, rescues and befriends him.  After a long and dangerous chase, Paul manages to reopen the energy doorway and escape back into his world. But to save Riana's life, Paul is forced to drag her back with him.

Nos Riana is the stranger in a strange land, and this simple village girl has to face the chaos of life in a modern city.

Can Riana survive while Paul and his friends try and find a way to get her home? And will they be able to stop the ruthless Spellbinder Ashka from finding a way into the twentieth-century and carrying out her plans to take over Riana's world?

the second of two thrilling fantasy adventures adapted from the Spellbinder television series.

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