Pandaemonium, 1660-1886

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Author: Humphrey Jennings; Mary-Lou Jennings (Editor); Charles Madge (Editor)
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Hard Cover
This is the master work of an extraordinary man who was denied wide recognition by a tragically early death. It is a history of how the human imagination produced and experienced the Industrial Revolution, which unfolds through a collection of texts. Jennings called the texts "images": the story is being shown rather than told. He found them in the works of men as famous as Milton, Pepys and Carlyle, and also in the writings of factory workers and farm labourers, and of scientists, inventors, journalists, amateurs of geology, dukes, actresses, quakes ....At one end of the spectrum they give us the intoxication of discovery and achievement; at the other end, the ugly consequences of the orientation towards materialism which took place as a result of discovery and achievement. 
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