Paint It White

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Author: Gary Edwards
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In his dedication to Leeds United, Gary Edwards has no rivals. He has seen every Leeds game since January 1968, home and away, including League, Cup, and Europe. Although a painter and decorator/signwriter/cartoonist, he's never taken a break from his life as a full-time soccer fan. He's made a name for himself covering white paint over red for free. He's visited every country in Europe, every continent in the northern hemisphere, and half those in the south. He's been shot at in Greece, run over in Denmark, frightened the king in Sweden, and had a beer with an elephant in Bangkok. All this and still found the time to never miss a match or another chance to rid the world of the evil that is red in all its forms. Paint It White is Gary Edwards' own unique account of the scrapes, adventures, and moments of comedy that a life's passion for Leeds United have brought him.
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