Out of the Dark

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Author: Linda Caine; Robin Royston
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Linda Caine, contented wife and mother, has everything to live for. Yet, inexplicably, she chooses to end her life. It has to look like an accident so she decides to drive off a cliff on her way home from her weekly shopping trip. After all, who commits suicide with a load of groceries in their car?A truly remarkable tale of a woman whose fears and depression threaten her life, and it is told by her and the psychotherapist who treated her. Linda has an enviable lifestyle, with a devoted (second) husband, two children, a boy and a girl. They have ample money (Linda's husband is a lawyer), and all seems well until Linda is overcome by fears which drive her almost to suicide. Indeed, death seems a welcome way out of her misery. She starts treatment with Dr Royston, and realises that the secrets of her childhood and adolescence in Africa lie at the heart of her problems, and are buried deep in her mind. Uncovering the past is full of trauma, and it makes a riveting story which captivates from start to finish.

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