Our Woman in Kabul

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Author: Irris Makler
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But why are you going there - a woman? On your own? I wouldn't go on my own and I'm a man. It's not safe. Why are you doing it? Why? Why?...

This is the best the city has to offer - a huge empty house with blocked toilets and a bomb in the kitchen. The owner is indignant when we want to move out. Welcome to Kabul...
One of the first journalists into Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks, Irris Makler set out alone to cover a war and discovered an even more enduring story about women caught in the crossfire. Risking her life in a war zone without the back-up or safety net of a major network was one thing, but finding herself in a land where women were virtually invisible opened a window onto another world.
Insightful, moving and often darkly funny, Our Woman in Kabul not only offers a vivid portrait of these remarkable women and a turning point in their country's history, but of life on the road with intrepid female nomad whose curiosity almost always overcomes her fear.
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