Our Baby

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Author: D. Von Cramm; E. Schmidt; Mark Goldstein
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Written especially for new moms, dads, and parents-to-be, this handsome and informative book begins with the first days after childbirth, then follows the infant's growth and development through the first twelve months. There is advice for parents on adapting themselves and their home to the new arrival, extensive information on breast and bottle feeding, bathing and diapering, interpreting a baby's cries, promoting healthy sleep habits, weaning and introducing new foods, monitoring the child's health and physical development, knowing what to do when the baby gets sick, being prepared for emergencies, and taking the baby out of the house. There is also information on how a child first perceives the outside world and establishes human relationships, a recommended program of postnatal exercises for moms, a summary of the legal rights of mothers and fathers, and many useful checklists to help parents maintain a safe environment, provide correct clothing and safe equipment, and maintain parenting schedules. This comprehensive book is supplemented with more than 100 attractive and appealing full-color photos, dozens of tables and sidebars, and an appendix. Illustrated endpapers with gatefolds outline a month-by-month summary of a child's developmental stages during its first year.

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