Olympic Gold

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Author: Robin Poke (Editor); Kevin Berry (Editor)
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Olympic Gold follows the inspirational journeys of Australia's 74 individual Olympic gold medallists, at both the Summer and Winter Games. Australia has enjoyed an unbroken involvement in the modern Olympics, from Edwin Flack's double-gold on the track at the first modern Games in 1896, to Lydia Lassila's acrobatic feats on the ski slopes of Vancouver in 2010. Chronicled along the way are Australia's many famous victories in the swimming pool, alongside the lesser-known triumphs of the likes of Fanny Durack, Australia's first female Olympic gold medallist and, of course, the era-defining achievement of Cathy Freeman in the Sydney Games in 2000. Olympic Gold tells the stories of some of the nation's most iconic sporting heroes, written by authors with an unparalleled insight into their epic achievements, providing a unique perspective on their journey to the top of the podium. The authors range from esteemed journalists and coaches to family members, and in some cases even the athletes themselves. These are remarkable stories about remarkable people - that elite group of individuals who have reached for the stars, beaten the odds and won gold at the most prestigious sports event in the world.

if you are into Olympic heroics, this is a great book to delve into.
Book dimensions: 28cm x 22cm, 375 pages.
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