Old Gods Almost Dead

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Author: Stephen Davis
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This summer the Stones tour the UK for the first time in four years. As even Mick and Keith are improbably near 60, this may well be the last time they play live. Certainly the anticipation has been such that the 70,000 capacity of wickenham's giant rugby stadium was sold out within 40 minutes of tickets going on sale, while their intimate "club" gig at London's Astoria is eagerly waited. As Mick Jagger said, they faced a choice between going on the road once more and settling down to become pillars of the community - and they "couldn't think of any communities that needed pillars..." The Stones' visit will be a huge news event, and Aurum's paperback edition of Stephen Davis's definitive biography is published in paperback to take full advantage: in the shops a month before the tour comes to Britain. Old Gods Almost Dead should become the standard history of the Stones, a truly compulsive read by someone who is both a true fan of their music and thoroughly aware of the darkness and danger that follows them around. While Philip Norman's previous biography of the band was written some 18 years ago when Bill Wyman was still with them,
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