Novels and Novelists

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Author: Martin Seymour-Smith (ed.)
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Novels and Novelists: A Guide to the World of Fiction


"This book begins with a masterly concise history of the novel from its earliest roots, which in itself will encourage many readers to explore further. The core of the book is an alphabetical guide to the work of over 1,300 writers. Every important and every popular novelist, past and present, has been included, providing their work is available in English. Within this guide over 3,000 individual novels are carefully assessed and recommended.

"A fascinating chapter on novelists and their working methods is also included, in which a group of famous writers of very different types is examined in detail. Additional chapters deal with critical approaches to the novel; the role of illustration in the history of fiction; novels and the cinema; and the influence and working of the book trade." (Dust jacket blurb)

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