Not Quite Straight : a Memoir

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Author: Jeffrey Smart
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Hard Cover

Jeffrey Smart survived the Depression, a world war and more than a quarter of a century of life in censorious Adelaide to emerge unbowed (although not quite straight) as one of the great and outrageous figures of Australian Life.

This is his life story - from his first European grand tour, aged four, to is happy self-exile to Tuscany in the 1970s, where he tends peacocks and olive groves and continues to paint at the height of his power. His work is collected and celebrated.

Jeffery Smart writes with wit and wickedness of his family, friends, lovers, work and travels. He tells of jobs ranging from sink scrubber on a slow boat to London, to struggling art teacher, to a stint as the much-loved Phidias with the Argonauts. Of companionships which extend from the misspent youths of Greece to the great performers of the European stage

Few have lived more richly, none have written so honestly about the experience.

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