Not Quite Nigella

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Author: Lorraine Elliott
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From passionate home cook to Australia's most popular food blogger, Lorraine Elliott has her cake and eats it too - and she's never been happier.

Lorraine Elliott has long been a food enthusiast who believes cakes belong in an art gallery. Not so long ago she decided to ditch her day job as a highly paid media strategist to cook, eat and write - even though she's not quite Nigella. Now her fabulous food blog Not Quite Nigellais the go-to internet destination for hundreds of thousands of foodies from around the world.

This is the story behind that journey. With her irresistible humour and optimism, Lorraine reveals the pitfalls, triumphs and challenges of becoming a full-time food blogger, and shares the best of her new-found wisdom- the secret to winning a man's heart through food, the key to baking perfect macarons, tips on hosting unforgettable dinner parties, and how to create a successful blog.

More than a celebration of food, Not Quite Nigellais the inspiring and delightful story of how one woman set about turning a dream into a reality.

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