Nine Lives

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Author: Adam Ramanauskas; with Emma Quayle
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In February 2003, Adam Ramanauskas was living every boy's dream. At twenty-two he'd been noted as a star of the future and already had one AFL premiership under his belt. He was having the time of his life.Then the bottom fell out of his world. The discovery of an unusual lump in Adam's right shoulder quickly led to the words no one wants to hear: 'You have cancer.' Over the next few years, his three battles with cancer would require every ounce of courage and determination he could summon.This is the remarkable story of a young man who not only bounced back after each setback, but made an incredible return to elite sport, inspiring his teammates, family and the medical profession with his resilience and refusal to take anything lying down. It's a story of growing up quickly and learning about the urgency of time, and working out what matters most.
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