Neill of summerhill

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Author: Jonathan Croall
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For this authorised biography, published in the centenary of his birth, Jonathan Croall has talked to men and women taught by Neill in Scotland before and during the First World War. Neill's complex personality, and the reality, and the reality of life at Summerhill, emerge from the recollections of over 200 ex-pupils, teachers, parents, and friends. The author has also uncovered many unpublished letters and other documents, in which Neill speaks candidly and humorously about his personal struggles; his analysis and friendship with Homer Lane, Wilhelm Stekel and Wilhelm Reich; and his fifty-year battle to keep Summerhill going. The result is a sympathetic, critical and highly revealing potrait of a remarkable man who, in his determination to be 'on the side of the child', remained in permanent opposition to the adult world. 

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