Naked Beneath My Clothes

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Author: Rita Rudner
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Hard Cover
Rita Rudner is an ex-dancer turned stand-up comedian. She doesn't know why this happened. She was in therapy for a year and forgot to ask. Since becoming a comedian, Rita has had her own comedy specials on HBO and A&E. As a dancer, Rita had no comedy specials whatsoever. Naked Beneath My Clothes is a collection of stories that when read backward make no sense at all. The spelling and punctuation in these stories have been changed to protect the author's reputation. Winner of the 1900 American Comedy Award for Funniest Female Stand-Up, Rita doesn't share any dark secrets from her pre-celebrity past, because she doesn't have any. Instead she writes about love, parents, old boyfriends, marriage, men and their cars, having children and basically anything that happens while you are awake. (Although there is one chapter that deals sleep.) Rita would like you to know that there were originally chapters in this book but it turned out there were forty-five. So, really, you are getting one chapter free.  
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