My Goodness

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Author: Joe Queenan

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Critic and bestselling author Joe Queenan had made a career of being vicious -- then he decided to be nice. The result is a biting, hilarious tale of a very bad man's attempts to be good.Years upon years of being unspeakably nasty to icons as diverse as Jimmy Carter, Barbra Streisand, and even Mother Nature herself had taken its toll on Joe Queenan. The man all editors turned to when they needed a book, film, or tv program savaged was tired of being so mean. He wanted to be more like Susan Sarandon. Or Sting. Determined to mend his ways, Queenan embarked on the most difficult task of his career: he decided to become a nice person.Now available in paperback, My Goodness is the side-splitting result of Queenan's attempted transformation: from his use of animal-friendly Body Shop goods to his letter of apology to Jackie Collins after a scathing review of her latest book; from his quest to save the whales to his quest to save Linda Tripp.

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