Musical Instruments of the West

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Author: Mary Remnant
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Hard Cover
1978 First Edition
Publisher - B T Batsford Limited, London.
Cover s hard bound with deep red cloth.  Water stain at bottom front left hand side.  Reasonable Condition.
Dust Jacket is present.  Illustration on Front is 14th century musicians with fiddle and portative organ from Theatrum Sanitatis.
End Papers are intact.  Prize Bookplate on First Front Flyleaf.
Preliminaries - List of Illustrations and Acknowledgements, Preface, Introduction, Matters of Pitch.
Main Text Body - 253 Pages.  Fine and Clean.   Fully illustrated with 205 photographs and 6 line drawings. 
End Matters – Glossary, Bibliography, Index.
Edges are even and unworn.
Spine is tight with no gutter damage.  Gilt lettering.

Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

Dr Mary Remnant has written a succinct account of these musical instruments which were, and are, involved in the art music of the West.  Some of the folk instruments of today are referred to in passing, but they are rightly treated as separate items.  Classifications has been kept to a minimum.  The books usefulness is increased by its very plentiful illustrations, reproduced from historic sources as well as from photographs;  by its glossary;  and by its Bibliography. 



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