Mr. Cantanker

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Author: Robert Lawrence-Smith
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Hard Cover

Mr Cantanker's extraordinary adventures begin in 1787 when he and Captain Thomas Howlsworth, a dandified cat, are torn from the respective books in which they are characters, turned into cut-outs and imprisoned between the pages of a weighty tome. When they next see the light of day they are on a dusty shelf in Mr Bloombry's bookshop- and in dire danger of being pulped. Further ingredients and hazards are to follow for these two gallant paper cut-outs at large in the 20th century: they brave fire and water, a battle and a railway accident, as well as the menace of three-dimensional creatures such as mice, cats and- worst of all-children! Along the way, however, they also meet a host of two-dimensional friends who help them on their perilous quest to find their rightful place in the world.

Robert Lawrance Smith's enchanting and highly original tale is full of delightful detail and, in the bombastic old curmudgeon Mr Cantanker, the author has created a memorable fictional character.

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