Mr Bean's Guide to France

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Author: Robin Driscoll; Tony Haase
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Hard Cover

Mr. Bean is going on holiday, and he wants you to come along!

This hilarious, interactive book uses stills of Mr. Bean from the soon to be released Mr. Bean's Holiday, along with scrapbook-like clippings of him having a jolly good time holidaying in the South of France. Mr. Bean's done a jolly good job of making this book, stuffed as it is with sellotaped, gummed and bluetacked photos, magazine clippings, sketches and travel memorabilia collected whilst on holiday in France ... Mr. Bean has gone to extraordinary lengths to include invaluable advice and guidance to would-be visitors to the land. The language is a doddle, he tells us the only French words you need to get by are 'oui', 'non' and 'gracias'. Mr. Bean knows what it's all about. He's been!

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