Mortal Allies

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Author: Brian Haig

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SECRET SANCTION'S Major Sean Drummond is back, with a new case that challenges his deepest fears and a colleague who challenges just about everything else. Assigned to South Korea as an advocate for a gay officer accused of brutally killing the son of a South Korean war heo, Drummond is teamed up with an old law-school nemesis. Katherine Carson is a curvy attorney with a reputation for manipulating the media on behalf of her mostly gay clients. Drummond is as distraught to be working with a woman who knows how to push all his buttons as he is to be defending this client. However it's just this lack of political correctness that makes him the one man the CIA can trust with its disturbing secrets and Drummond quickly learns that what appears to be an open-and-shut case is really just the top layer of a deep conspiracy.
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