Mongrel Punts and Hard Ball Gets

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Author: Paula Hunt; Glenn
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover
You can hear it most winter weekends sitting among the barrackers in the upper decks of the G. Or at a suburban ground standing behind the goals sucking on a can watching the magoos have a run. It's the coodabeens, yelling out instructions. It's the old broads registering their disgust. 

 It's unique, just like the game. It's the language of unadulterated love. It's the language of Aussie Rules. This book is an A-Z of everything you wanted to know about footy language - from aerial ping pong and ankle tappers, to yellow submarines and zone defence.

Hi book lovers, if your interested in a Footy and keen to the cultural language within the realm of AFL this is the book for you. And enjoy!  
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