Monaro: Rebirth of a Legend

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Author: Joshua Dowling
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Few cars in Australia's automotive history have captured our imagination - and curiosity - as much as the Holden Monaro.

This book documents an amazing era for Holden and is a fascinating look at the car's unconventional beginnings in a heavily-regimented industry. When the Concept Coupe was unveiled at the Sydney Motor Show in October 1998 it was as much of a surprise to Holden management as it was to the public.

This is also the story of a maverick development program. Even though the public had demanded the Monaro be built, it still required a financial leap of faith to make it into production.

More than just a two-door Commodore, the Monaro became the catalyst for Holden's expansion as an exporter of cars and engineering expertise. A little more than half a century after three American engineers came to Australia on a ship with a car that would become the first Holden, Australia will repay the debt by exporting the Monaro to the US as a Pontiac GTO.

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