Mo Said She Was Quirky

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Author: James Kelman
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Hard Cover

Her boyfriend said she was quirky but it was more than that.

Some things were important in life. You had to fight for them. Helen was prepared for that. Only she wasn't as strong as people thought. She tried to be but didn't always succeed. Nobody does, not all the time. And she could be foolish, she admitted that. And a worrier, almost like neurotic.

Working nightshift as a dealer in a London casino didn't help. Her young daughter at home in bed - just how safe was she? The gamblers staring you down, night after night after night. When did she ever rest? Would there come a time? It was like she no longer knew who she was.

Then that strangest of moments on the way home from work this tall, skinny, down-at-heel guy crossed the road in front of her taxi. Brian? Her long-lost brother? How could it be?

Trust, love, friendship; the lives of others, relationships; parents, children, lovers; and death, and the rich, and poor; safety, security; home and homelessness. The ordinary stuff of life - but extraordinary too when you think about it.

This is twenty-four hours in the life of Helen, an ordinary young woman, as ordinary, as unique, as each and every one of us.

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