Mi Moto Fidel: Motoring through Castro's Cuba

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Author: Christopher P. Baker

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Hard Cover
Throughout the course of his three-month, 7,000-mile odyssey through Castro' s Cuba, Christopher Baker--thanks to his attention-getting vehicle--enjoyed instant entree to a people both deprived of and obsessed by chrome and motorized wheels. Baker' s dazzling narrative introduces readers to a tremendous variety of Cubans in this penetrating and spellbinding travelogue--from tobacco growers and prostitutes to fishermen and impassioned dissidents. Revealing a vivacious people in the throes of a slow and painful transition, Baker takes us through his own gradual but profound change of heart about Castro' s regime. "Mi Moto Fidel is a rare work of warmhearted humor and considerable insight that mines the depths of Cuba' s troubled history and politics...and shines an unprecedented light on this stubbornly enigmatic country.
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