Men and Women of Australia

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Author: Michael Fullilove; Graham Freudenberg (Foreword by)
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There is no better way to deploy your arguments and tell your story - no better way to convict a criminal or defend an innocent or prosecute a cause or toast your gran's birthday - than with a speech.Speechmaker and speechwriter Michael Fullilove has gathered the finest Australian speeches delivered since Federation. Each one is a time capsule, a window onto a debate or controversy from our history.'MEN AND WOMEN OF AUSTRALIA!' contains speeches that sing, speeches that engage your heart and your head: speeches you will want to read aloud to your children, your parents or your class. The speeches are skilfully introduced and arranged by theme: Australian history and culture, politics, causes worth fighting for, human rights, Australians at war, monarchy and republic, and remembrance. The dean of Australia's speechwriters, Graham Freudenberg, has written the Foreword. This definitive collection proves that great speeches are not only delivered in a Churchillian growl or a Kennedyesque brogue, but in an Australian drawl as well.

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