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Author: Martin Baker
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Samuel Spendlove has given up his cosy career in academia to work undercover for William Barton, owner of a massive media empire.  He finds that he gets a thrill out of working for the legendary market trader Khan and his Ropner’s Bank, a power institution whose dealings have been known to bring nations to their knees. Barton wants information about Khan so that he can find revenge over a man who once bested him. Spendlove enjoys both sides of this game until it all unravels and he finds himself simultaneously accused of almost bringing down the global economy and of the murder of Kaz Day, a glamorous colleague on the trading floor. He goes into hiding in the surreal and dangerous world of underground Paris. As he is chased by the police, Khan, the bank , and William Barton, he must quickly determine who framed him and why.

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