Love Letters

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Author: Michelle Lovric (Editor)
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Hard Cover

Michelle Lovric has created over twenty illustrated anthologies.  She has also written four children's books.  Love Letters - an Anthology of Passion, was conceived while researching in the Manuscript Room of the British Library, where the pleasure of handling fragile and beautiful eighteenth century love letters gave her the idea that is should be possible to reproduce that very touching and personal experience for a wider audience.  To create this book, the originals of other significant love letters were tracked down and photographed in museums and libraries all over the world.  Seals were researched and painstakingly reproduced, and the letters of hundreds of lovers combed for quotations to express the history of love from the tentative warmth of admiration to the full fire of unconditional passion.  The result is a book which is both historically  authentic and irresistibly romantic.   

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