Looking for Carroll Beckwith

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Author: Robert L. Snow
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Hard Cover

Police Commander Robert Snow never told his fellow officers that, under hypnosis, a clinical psychologist regressed him to a vivid past life. How could he tell them that he, a leading Indiana detective, was once a 19th-century portrait painter named Carroll Beckwith Cops dismiss people with such claims as "kooks and screwballs."

But could he prove it? Armed with an audiotape of his regression, Snow listed 28 things he clearly knew about Beckwith that could be proved or disproved -- if he could find the information. In the "just-the-facts" method of a police procedural, Commander Snow documents his painstaking two-year research. At the end of his detective work, Commander Snow proved 26 of his 28 points before coming to his shocking conclusion: that he actually lived the past life he described under hypnosis.

Thrilling, credible, amazingly detailed, Looking for Carroll Beckwith reads like an award-winning piece of mystery fiction -- only it's true.

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