London Style Guide

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Author: Saska Graville
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Hard Cover

A journey to the heart and soul of London, this gorgeous guide reveals the hidden and stylish places that make the city so incredibly unique and eclectic

Everyone is familiar with the iconic. Instead, this book introduces visitors to the essence of London style, finding it in the small, off-the-radar places: the one-off shops, street markets, corner pubs, and local restaurants that Londoners themselves go to. These places share a certain eccentricity, quirkiness, and independence of spirit, and that's what this guide is all about. London can be big and overwhelming, and there are many guide books directing visitors to the key trophy sights of the city, but this book breaks it down by village, and reveals the places that the locals love. It also features some of the Londoners behind the shops, cafes, and hotels, and ask them to reveal their city secrets. By delivering a carefully chosen selection of the smaller, most stylish spots that are revered by the residents, visitors feel like locals. It's London up close and personal.

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