Living and Loving Together

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Author: Dr Bob Montgomery & Lynette Evans
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Dr Bob Montgomery's down-to-earth broadcasts on radio and television have helped and encouraged many members of his growing audiences. In this book he and his colleague Lynette Evans set down their practical advice for better relationships.
Too often we base our expectations for our relationships on romantic myths formed by what we read and see on the screen. Somehow real life never quite measures up. Nor are the examples provided by our parents or peer groups sometimes very helpful.
Bob Montgomery and Lynette Evans say there are some skills we can learn to enhance the quality of any relationships. This manual sets out, step by step, factual information and concrete advice to help you to make and to keep better relationships. In it they discuss: communicating better: sharing pleasure: solving problems: sexual enhancement: how to change your attitudes and behaviour: how to change your partner's attitudes and behaviour: avoiding fights: parenting skills: what to do if the relationship doesn't get better.
This is a practical manual which has been tested at every stage by couples seeking help. It includes exercises and suggestions designed to help readers develop and use new skills in their relationships.
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