Lady Be Good

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Author: Michael Asher
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Another dramatic, contemporary novel from the author of Rare Earth.

Morocco, 1943: 14 year old Billy Sterling regains consciousness to find himself alone in the desert. Beside him is the wreckage of a light aircraft and the corpse of the pilot. Terrified, Billy soon realises that he is utterly stranded, alone, in a vast and hostile wilderness. He does not see the human eyes, watching him from a distance.

London, 1950: George Bridger Sterling is still experiencing profound anguish over the disappearance of his son, who hasn't been seen for seven years. His terrible feeling of guilt allows him to persist in the belief that Billy is still alive. Then George is contacted by a mysterious stranger, who claims to be the co-pilot of the crashed plane, and has information that could lead to Billy – for a price.

Travelling to a vast, dangerous desert, accompanied only by a man he barely knows, let alone trusts, Sterling must retrace the vague footsteps left nearly a decade before. But why was the plane anywhere near the Western Sahara? And why are they not the only people interested in what was on board?

The action is fast and furious, from the plane crash to tribal traditions, and the desert scenes are powerful and lyrical. Visually brilliant, with a wonderful range of characters from tribal warriors to double-agents, it will appeal to fans of Wilbur Smith and Andy McNab.

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