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Author: Dugald Steer
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Hard Cover

Travel back to a time of knights and their epic adventures with the next title in the bestselling Ology series. The newest edition in the Ology series takes the reader back to a time of myth and legend. Learn everything a true knight needs to know, from chivalry and key training for a squire to the best way to defend a castle from attack.The book tells of tough tournaments, castle construction and defence, weapon mastery as well as going on Crusades amongst other knightly pursuits. The author, Sir Lancelot Marshall (a descendent of the most famous knight Sir William Marshall,) has left the book to his squire as he sets off on a quest to discover the true burial site of King Arthur and his infamous sword Excalibur. Can the tales within the book be true? And why was the true location of the sword kept secret?

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